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Louis Rudolf


Born, Rudolf Lajos, in Nyíregy Háza, Hungary. In 6th grade a kid named Tenzin (?) gave me Ultima VI for no reason. I didn't know him, he was just in my class. I discovered a command that let me see a debug panel which showed how the game's entity system works. Soon after, in 7th grade, a kid name Sean O'Betz showed me QBasic, and off I went...

Over the years worked on many coding projects in various languages and technologies, always drawn to making games, since that is the most fun. Discovered serverless in 2010, crypto in 2012, and NFTs in 2017. Worked on a metaverse in 2010 named artPG, where everything was an art, owned and created by players, including the land, heroes, monsters, items. Web 3.0 enables the true vision of this idea to be finally realized, since currently anti-exploit code makes up 90% of all code in the universe, and all that time can be freed and put towards world building.

Flying Bastion, LLC

5171 Decathlon Ave
Fairbanks, Alaska
99709-4516, USA
AK License # 2134554


Louis Rudolf



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