collect, trade, assemble, and battle with your squad of minis

Randomly Generated Look

The appearance of minis is randomly generated using modular pixel art pieces. The total possible variations is in the decillions... before clothing and accessories!!

Randomly Generated Properties

Every mini NFT has inherent, immutable properties that are secured on the blockchain. These properties exist outside of any game, and it is up to each game to decide how to make use of them!

Modular, Functional, Usable

The minis are not just NFTs, they are functional rigs.

They can be animated, equipped, and controlled.

The NFTs will give access to playing the main game and all other future Pixil Mini games with the matching mini rig.

10% Chance Rare Color

Usually skin colors are clamped to human skin tone ranges, but sometimes a mini gets a rare full color skin tone. This is indicated by a no-background nameplate with a colored name text (inverse of the BG color for readability)

The 6 Main Attributes

Every mini NFT has 6 inherent stats that will never change called ATTRIBUTES.

The attributes each range from 1-11.

The total points distributed into the attributes ranges from a minimum of 15 points to a maximum of 42.


- physical power


- physical power


- physical power


- physical power


- physical power


- physical power

Since every game that uses the minis can make use of the stats in their own way, there is no single optimal way that the stats are useful or beneficial.

However, it is unlikely that strength will determine casting cost in many games, so the words' meanings carry their weight.

20% Chance Max Stats 42*

There is a 20% chance to get a max stat, 42 total points, mini. For convenience, it is indicated by a small * at the top, between the name and stats panels.

Tripleven (11-11-11)

42 Points allows a max of 3 x 11 with 9 left over (not enough for a 4th 11).

With only enough points to max 3 out of the 6 attributes, which 3 attributes are maxed determines the mini's utility.


Every mini has 2 of the 11 aspects as inherent, immutable properties.

These aspects determine which schools of skill the mini has an affinity for, with maximum effectiveness when using skills that match both their aspects.

Item NFTs

In addition to mini NFTs, there are also item NFTs (coming soon). The item NFTs can be equipped by the minis. The mini NFT itself will never change, so the items are only equippable and viewable on the mini inside the game. The clothing seen on the Alpha Supporter minis is cosmetic only, and gets replaced by what is equipped.

Items are modular and randomly generated just like the minis themselves, but based on item level and choosing affixes from a loot table based on rarity. Each game can choose how to make use of the immutable properties of the minis, and in the case of the Battle game it derives secondary stats from the attributes using different formulas for each purpose (agility determines turn speed), and then the item stats add bonuses to those stats.

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